Sebastián Barrante’s artist’s book is born from a string of phrases, as an exquisite corpse, that arrives to the expression “the image is the remainder of my reflection” and from the author’s later attempt to bring it into a concrete object.

In this attempt, the need to conjugate text and image appears symbiotically. This is how he constructs this book with multiple readings: a flipped text that can only be translated with the help of a mirror reflection; countless images that appear in the movement of the book as it is handled; and the reader’s own image reflected in the book itself.

This artist’s book, published by Naranja Ediciones, was handmade by the Chilean artist Sebastián Barrante in Santiago de Chile during March of 2017.

The materials used were three 4mm. mirrors, a plate engraved in metal and cialux fabric for the covering of the container box.

The DIN Pro typeface was used in its regular version for the text engraved in metal.

Numbered copies of this work were made, three in Spanish and three in English.

Format: Box, plate engraved in metal, mirror.
Author: Sebastián Barrante
Publisher: Naranja Ediciones
Size: 18,5 x 13 x 3 cm.
Lenguage: English
Year of publication: 2017